Bryana Garcia
Bryana Garcia
Intuitive Card Reader + Spiritual Insights + Entertainment


Hello to you!

I am Bryana Garcia . . .

Intuitive Card Reader, Spiritual Insights & Entertainment

Having a New York soul and a California spirit gives me the ability to combine earthiness, inspiration and humor in my readings. I am playful, passionate and openhearted. With one foot in the ethereal and the other in the mundane, channeling insightful messages comes naturally. I strive to create an environment of empowerment and fun, a combination that makes your event unique in the best possible way and  memorable for you and your guests .  

My readings focus on the present, providing guidance toward deep intuitive understanding of future possibilities. Each reading holds the potential for healing. People love to share in a safe fun atmosphere. Your guests will be grateful to you for this memorable gift.  

I have very fond memories of performing at a party for Joe Cocker at his estate in Colorado, where I was so well received I was asked to extend my time.











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